The richest man in the world talked about changed his life the moment


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Amazon founder, billionaire Jeff Bezos, who is the richest person in the world, spoke about the moment that changed his life and led to success. Writes CNBC, he was still in Princeska University, where Bezos studied theoretical physics.

According to the billionaire, he a few hours could not solve the differential equation. Bezos asked the help of her roommate, but he couldn’t find a solution. Then they called a third student that gave the answer in just a minute, just by looking at the equation. Then the student explained to the Bezos way of thinking, which led him to the decision.

At this moment, the future founder of Amazon has realized that his way of thinking is simply not suited to theoretical physics. He changed his major to programming, and then decided to go into business. In 1986, Jeff Bezos graduated from Princeton University and eight years later founded the Internet book store Amazon.

At the moment, Bezos occupies the first place in the ranking of billionaires Bloomberg. His fortune is estimated at 127 billion dollars. The capitalization of Amazon exceeds a trillion dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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