The Russians twice tried to replace a floor with improvised means



A resident of the village Gabishevo in Tatarstan twice tried to change my gender means at hand. It is reported InKazan, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

The interlocutor of the edition told that the first man cut a part of the scrotum, after which he started bleeding. He called an ambulance, but the hospital refused to go. The next day he repeated the “operation” and re-called doctors. This time he was forcibly hospitalized, the doctors called the police. In a rented apartment, where the Russians conducted a manipulation of found surgical tools, traces of blood and cut flesh.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the man had mental problems. After discharge from the hospital it will be send to psychiatrists.

3 December 2019, the Soviet district court of Bryansk has sentenced the transgender woman Michelle (passport Michael) to three years in prison for posting on social networks images in manga style, which was regarded as distribution of child pornography. At the time of trial, Michelle was in a men’s prison. Now the case is under review.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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