There was an application to check risk of Contracting coronavirus


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In China there was a mobile app that allows people to check whether they are at risk of Contracting coronavirus. About the new program, according to news Agency Xinhuanet.

The app allows anyone who fears that he had contracted the virus, to know whether they were in close contact with the infected. It can be used to check whether the last two weeks, reported cases of infection in the home, on the train, plane or bus, where people. Those who have discovered that he came into close contact with the infected, it is recommended to stay at home and contact the medical institution.

Close contact, according to the State Committee on Affairs of health of China, may be the finding at a short distance from the infected without necessary means of protection. For example, people in close contact with the patient in the plane considered, who was sitting next to an infected with coronavirus in the same row, and in three rows in front and behind him. At risk also get the flight attendants who worked in that part of the cabin where the patient was. Close contact on the train is finding with an infected in the same compartment.

App created jointly with the state Committee on Affairs of public health, it also support the Ministry of transport, the civil aviation authority and the railway Corporation China Railway.

According to the latest data, the number of victims of coronavirus is 908 people. The number of infected in mainland China has increased to 40 thousand people. Another 64 cases of infection confirmed in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan; 632 patient discharged from the hospital.

According to the forecast of specialists of the London school of hygiene and tropical diseases research, the peak of the spread of coronavirus may occur in the second half of February.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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