Became known the fate of Mat explained the rules of the Russian language teacher



The teacher of school №14 of Ussuriysk, who explained to students the rules of the Russian language on the example expressions with obscenities, gave other classes to teach. This was announced by the school Director Ilya Volgin, reports RIA Novosti.

According to Vologina, after an official investigation of grounds for suspension of a teacher from there was no work, because according to the Labour code the employee should not be punished for the offense committed more than six months ago. Parents of tenth graders were required to fire a teacher, but was not addressed in the Department of education and youth policy of the Ussuri urban district.

The headmaster said that this decision was made “due to the difficult emotional situation in the class, and also for the normalization of the educational process”. At a meeting held February 10 meeting of the parents recalled that the audio and video in educational institutions is prohibited. They also spoke about rules, rights and responsibilities of pupils, parents and teachers.

7 February in the Internet appeared the video, which the teacher explained to the students how to write a compound word with the connective vowel “o” and two roots, the first of which is the same as in the word “hollow”, and the phrase “you Go on ***” (male sexual organ) that is supposed to explain the rules of making quotations in the Russian language. The Prosecutor’s office began checking.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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