“Forever young” 61-year-old woman revealed the secrets of attractive appearance


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“Forever young” resident of the English city of Brighton revealed the secrets of her everlasting beauty. Her words leads edition of the Daily Mail.

61-year-old Hayley Vernon-ward (Hayley Vernon-Ward) works as a consultant for the sale of cosmetic products. To maintain attractive appearance, she takes daily vitamins. According to her, nutritional supplements enhance energy, strengthen bones and the immune system. “I feel healthier than in my 40 years,” said the Briton.

Once a week Vernon-ward goes to group training on vibroplatform. “Exercises on the balance to make muscles work harder. 25 minutes on this platform you burn as many calories as on a one-hour lesson,” she says. The Briton said that was not injected with Botox to 58 years. However, recent years, she periodically uses it to smooth wrinkles on the face.

Vernon ward has been married with her husband for over 40 years. In her opinion, it is very important not to dissolve the relationship and have their Hobbies. “That’s why every week I sing in the choir. And recently, I made one at the concert. It was exciting, but it is shaking me”, she said.

Earlier in February, a resident of the English County of Surrey said that helps her to look younger than their years. According to her, she takes care of hair at home, almost never use cosmetics and exercise regularly.

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