In China evacuated part of the house for a unified system of ventilation of toilets


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In China evacuated more than one hundred tenants, whose apartments were linked by a single ventilation system in the toilets. Thus the city authorities tried to prevent the spread of coronavirus. About this newspaper the South China Morning Post.

Measures have been taken after the disease was discovered 62-year-old woman from the apartment No. 307 on the third floor of the house, situated in the district of Jing And Hong Kong. Previously coronavirus confirmed the man living ten floors up in the apartment No. 1307. Microbiologist, University of Hong Kong Professor Yuen Kwok-young suggested that the vent pipe connected to a discharge pipe in the bathroom had not been sealed properly and was able to transfer the virus from one apartment to another.

On the advice of the Professor, the authorities ordered the tenants to vacate the apartment numbers that end with the number seven, and put them in quarantine for 14 days, even if there are no symptoms. At this time specialized services will check the pipes. “We have every reason to worry about possible airborne transmission,” said the Professor.
He added that residents will be able to return home in the near future, if the inspectors do not find anything dangerous. The exact number of evacuees Professor Yuen Kwok-Yun does not know. According to preliminary police data, only evacuated 110 people, while all the house is home to more than a thousand people.

In China already there were cases when the disease struck the occupants of a home, spreading through the ventilation system and the sewers. In 2003 during the SARS outbreak the SARS virus has infected 321 people, 42 of them died.

The number of victims of pneumonia caused by a virus 2019-nCoV, exceeded a thousand. Clarifies that only on 10 February because of coronavirus in China died 108 people. During the period of the epidemic recovered 3996 people. The total number of infections has reached 42 638, and died 1016.

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