In the Moscow kindergarten hung a photo of bloodied children in the way of soldiers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexei Baygildina page in Facebook

In the Moscow kindergarten hung celebratory posters for the 75th anniversary of the Victory, which in the manner of soldiers in the mud and blood children are depicted. The pupils of the kindergarten has offered to hold a photo shoot in the same style. This was announced by the father of one of the children Alex Bigeldin on his page on Facebook to post pictures of the posters.

According to the Russians, the appearance of posters on the walls of the institution explained that “children need to remember about the war.” He was surprised that “memory” of the war imposed on young children in this way and called the incident a hell. “But all once comes to an end,” wrote Bigeldin.

In 2019 on the eve of the Victory Day in the centre of Pyatigorsk has passed the “preschool Parade troops”, which was attended by over 500 children. They marched on the square near the Eternal flame in the form of infantrymen, tankers, pilots, sailors, artillerymen, and nurses. The children were also wearing modern camouflage, they were holding toy guns, saluted and laid flowers to the memorial.

According to the chief of management of education of administration of Pyatigorsk Natalia Vasyutina, this parade was supposed to help teach children to behave properly. In her opinion, “the sooner the Patriotic education — the healthier the society.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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