Kiselev stood up for poslavskaya over the benefits of the presenter


www.vsyako.netDmitry Kiselevoj: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

TV presenter, Director General of international information Agency “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev stood up for Kamchatka TV presenter Alexander Novikov, rashochetsya during the recording of the story of indexation of benefits. According to “Инфо24” he called the scandal around her exaggerated and added that refers to a situation kindly.

“She just did not understand. There because it was not about the size of benefits and indexation. But nobody talks about it. It seemed to her that the amount of provided benefits is small. People also did not understand” — says Kiselev.

He noted that during the discussion of the story many have tried to understand the issue of benefits and indexing. In his opinion, “the situation — the reason all the reporters to laugh at themselves”. He added that mistakes happen, accidents in the incident, he saw.

February 10, the network spread a video, in which leading did not hold back laughter during the recording of the broadcast on increase of social payments in Russia by three percent. She laughed after saying that monthly social set for Russian beneficiaries laid 137 rubles for travel on international transport. She discussed the benefits of the person behind the scenes and apologized to colleagues for their reaction.

Later the person who published the video with the woman in the network, was calculated. TV guide reported that it held discussions with all involved in the situation, and promised not to fire Novikov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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