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Every fourth network user comes to the tricks of fraudsters for social engineering, forgetting to check the links and attachments in suspicious messages and showing excessive credulity. This was told RIA Novosti Deputy head of the training Laboratory of computer forensics, Group-IB Anastasia Barinova.

The expert recommended to pay attention to links and attachments in suspicious emails and SMS. She also recalled the phishing phone Scam aimed at stealing money. It is advised not to pay attention to the codes to confirm transactions and other confidential information about your Bank card or account, and install the application on your mobile phone or PC at the request of the caller.

The expert also urged to adhere to basic safety rules in the network. “Use strong passwords for different services, keep them in a password Manager and don’t forget to change them at least once in six months”, — told the Agency interlocutor reminded that you can protect yourself other ways: code, optional password, and notification of authorization.

Among other things, it is necessary to block the device, if you don’t use them, encrypt sensitive data, do a backup and time to upgrade the software. “Remember the principle of “Divide and conquer” — divide work and personal, personal and public”, — said Barinov.

On the second Tuesday of February, the world celebrates safer Internet day. The goal of the celebration is to inform people about responsible and safe use of the web.

In January it was reported that in the first nine months of 2019, the number of crimes in the field of IT has increased almost twice — by 70.3 percent. Only law enforcement officers have registered 201,7 thousand crimes in this sphere for the period. Most often, cybercriminals use to attack the Internet, mobile phones and Bank cards.

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