Rashochetsya after about privileges in Russia, the TV presenter has promised not to dismiss


www.vsyako.netFrame: GTRK “Kamchatka”

Rashochetsya during the recording of the report on the indexation of benefits in Russia TV presenter Alexander Novikov has promised not to fire. The Director GTRK “Kamchatka” Alexey Kostylev said the Agency “Kamchatka-inform”.

“This is a working material, the air does not come out. In the video, Alexander does not use profanity, behaves quite decently. Well, slip of the tongue, laughing. In this crime?” — said Kostylev.

He noted that while he could not understand the motives of the person who posted the video in the network, however, does not consider his actions spontaneous. Kostylev added that at the moment he is concerned about the fate of Novikova, who did not expect such popularity.

The video that caused a stir, leading not contain his laughter when told about increase of social payments in Russia by three percent. She laughed after saying that monthly social set for Russian beneficiaries laid 137 rubles for travel on international transport. She had discussed this amount with the man behind the scenes and apologized to colleagues for their reaction. Fragment a was, however, dispersed across the network.

Informed sources in the holding VGTRK, told radio station “Moscow speaking” that the leading and other personnel responsible for the preparation of the story, faces dismissal.

Later the person who published the video with the woman in the network, was calculated. TV guide reported that he had held a conversation with everyone involved in the situation.

The monthly monetary payment (EDV) for beneficiaries were increased from 1 February. Three percent increase in the cash equivalent of the social set. It includes including medicines, sanatorium treatment and free travel on public transport. Federal benefits in Russia receive more than 15 million people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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