Sanctions the United States saw the benefit of Russia


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Russia increased the export of crude oil in the United States, thus finding favor from us sanctions. This writes the German newspaper Die Welt.

Despite the restrictive measures Washington to increase crude oil exports Moscow contributed to American sanctions against other countries, such as Iran and Venezuela, the newspaper notes.

The author refers to data from the energy information Agency under US Department of energy, according to which Russia in October last year was the second largest supply of petroleum products in the United States after Canada.

The level of supply of petroleum products in November has set a historical record, exceeding last year’s level by 2.5 times and amounted to 19.2 million barrels, the publication.

January 22, the Ministry of economic development of Russia noted that the U.S. sanctions against Iran, and Venezuela contributed to the increase in Russian oil exports. The Ministry said that in January–November 2019 the export of crude oil increased by 3.8 percent.

In January it was reported that, according to the Central Bank, crude oil exports have brought Russia to 2019 121, 6 billion dollars, which is 5.9 percent less than in 2018. The reason for this figure were American sanctions against other exporters. In General, the fuel and energy sector brought Russia 237,8 billion dollars — a drop for the year to 9.2 percent.

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