She has shown exploded in the kitchen sausage


www.vsyako.netPhoto by Elena Brusentsevoy / “blacklist Tula”

The inhabitant of Tula Elena Brusentseva said that she exploded sausage bought in a local store. Photo of the product she showed in the community “blacklist Tula” in “Vkontakte”.

Brusentseva said that the next day after the purchase she and her relatives decided to make sausage sandwiches. The woman placed it on the table and went to make tea, when suddenly I heard an explosion. “I kettle almost dropped. Sausage exploded,” she wrote.

According to Brusentsevoy, she had never faced such incidents. Manufacturer of sausage, the company “Taurus”, has not yet responded to the situation.

In January 2020 the Russians called the size of the threat to the health of a piece of sausage. According to experts, two thin slices of very tasty smoked sausage you can eat, but a piece weighing 100 grams — it is impossible. In addition, the sausage meat cannot be replaced.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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