The flight attendant called for the lunch at plane food


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The flight attendant called the food unfit for consumption on Board the aircraft. Her words quoted by The Sun.

So, a member of the Association of flight attendants Shani Peralta (Peralta Shanie) recommended not to bring their own food, exudes a strong smell, in particular, fish, eggs or garlic. The smell of such food, according to flight attendants, immediately spread throughout the cabin and disturbs the other passengers enjoy the flight.

In addition, Peralta was advised to avoid food that can stain your neighbors or the interior of the liner: for example, cookies, chips, soups. She also noted that instead of on their own to open beverages, it is better to wait for assistance from the cabin crew.

The same list, the flight attendant added products, can cause allergies and alcoholic beverages.

In December 2019, an unknown traveler was told how to get a free meal at the airport, pretending to be a passenger, which delayed the flight. According to him, it is necessary to find the scoreboard rescheduled flight, and then mingle with the crowd of passengers of the aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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