The Russian refused to take a job because of their gender


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

The Russian refused to hire because of sex. She spoke about it on his page in Facebook.

Antonina Filatov learns to master the art. She tried to find a job in one of the largest museums of Russia, who is a student in his post called “Gallery”, without specifying the official name of the institution.

She passed the interview and came at the request of the personnel Department, but its potential leader denied jobs. According to the student, the woman talked with the chief personnel officer, who described the reasons for the refusal. The man thought that after the probationary period, the student will immediately leave. “He says she is just now finish studying and going to give birth, I would in its place have done so. And we have so many on maternity leave,” led the girl said her words.

“If I were a more savvy, turned on the recorder and immediately went to the court”, — wrote Filatov. She protested that the problem is not in experience and not in education and in the field. The student also added that she is married and hopes to someday become a mom and wondered how long you can not give birth to a new job.

The author of the post added that it now does not surprise related Gallery scandals, for example, “the persecution of nursing mothers”.

In November 2019 rossiyanku expelled from the Tretyakov gallery during breast-feeding. The caretaker made a comment about the unacceptability of breastfeeding in the exhibition hall. Later in the gallery said that I was sorry about the incident with the visitor and told the Russians where you can breastfeed in the Museum.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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