A suspect in the murder of a colleague Basayev was arrested again


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ralph Orlowski / Reuters

Federal German prosecutors re-arrested a Russian citizen suspected in the murder of former Chechen commander Zelimkhan khangoshvili. This is with reference to the Department reports Berliner Morgenpost.

A new warrant for the arrest of Russian citizen Vadim K. (according to others, Vadim S.) issued for the murder of a colleague Shamil Basayev and violating the law on arms trafficking. Through this measure, the German security officials will re-interview the alleged killer. He is now in custody in Berlin, it is planned to transport in the Federal court of justice in Karlsruhe.

4 Dec 2019, the German foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of two employees of the Russian Embassy. This happened in connection with the murder case khangoshvili. The German authorities believe that they have enough actual evidence of the involvement of state agencies of Russia or of the Chechen Republic to the assassination. In the Kremlin deny the charges.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained the decision to expel Russian diplomats insufficient assistance in the investigation. Russia has described the actions as groundless and said mirror measure.

Khangoshvili fought against Russia on the side of Chechen militants Shamil Basayev, Abu al-Walid and Aslan Maskhadov. In 2002 he was declared wanted on suspicion of terrorism. It is reported that the gunman had supported a terrorist organization “Caucasus Emirate” (banned in Russia).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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