Apartments in Moscow have become less


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Over the past five years the average area of apartments in the Moscow new buildings by 15 square meters, follows from the materials of the Agency “MIEL”, arrived in edition “”.

According to estimates of realtors, in January 2020, the Metropolitan average apartment has an area of 65,2 sq. meter. In 2015 the figure was 80 “squares”. Experts attribute the decrease in the size of apartments in Moscow with changes in the structure of the sentence: five years ago, the market is dominated by housing in the homes of the business class that traditionally has a rather large area, and now has become more of objects comfortclass.

“The notion of comfortclass was then in the formative stage, the first time it has arisen after the crisis of 2008. Interestingly, five years ago, the proportion of objects comfortclass on the primary housing market of the capital was minimal, and now exceeds 50 percent”, — noted in “MIEL”.

Realtors also indicate that the overall supply of new housing in Moscow in 2015 has increased significantly: the number of cases in the sale has grown three times, from 232 to 655, and the number of apartments — more than half, from 16.5 thousand to 38.1 thousand units. The total area of the sold apartments in new buildings increased almost twice: of 1.32 million square meters were sold five years ago and 2.48 million meters represented in the sale according to date.

In January it was reported that in 2019, the minimum age of buyers of housing in Moscow new comfortclass was 18 years old. Customers in this age category was, in particular, concluded deals for the purchase of one-bedroom apartments costing 5.2 million rubles and “kopeck piece” for 16.9 million rubles. In addition, 18-year-old made a number of purchases in the suburban residential complexes.

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