Estimated expenditures of Russians on vacation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: George Zimarev / RIA Novosti

Almost half (41.3%) of Russian travellers spent on holidays more than 150 thousand rubles in 2019. It is reported TASS citing a study of online service OneTwoTrip.

Among them, most had spent a little more than 200 thousand rubles, and some admitted that paid for the trip, more than 400 thousand. In addition, one fifth of respondents (19.9 percent) of Russians said that over the past year the cost of a vacation was less than 150 thousand rubles.

Nearly all respondents (91.9 per cent) at least once made the journey to 2019. Most of those who did not go anywhere, said that they did not have enough money for the trip. Other respondents admitted that they could not go on vacation because of the large amount of work.

In December, the online service for booking tickets Aviasales found that the majority of Russians annually visit at least two foreign countries. Admitted 23 percent of respondents Have such popular mainly visa-free tours to Armenia, UAE and Thailand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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