Estonia warned of a risk of pre-emptive strike Russia in the Baltic States



The Estonian foreign intelligence service warned on the risk of pre-emptive strike Russia in the Baltic States. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the report of the office “Estonia in the international security environment”.

The authors noted that the possibility of a military attack of Russia on the Republic is small, owing to the unwillingness of Moscow to fight against NATO, but the Russian military potential in Europe continues to increase.

“The aggravation of confrontation between Russia and the West in any part of the world can quickly change the threat assessment for Estonia. Russia may decide to apply a preventive military attack on the Baltic States, if it is to be feared escalation of the conflict in any other region,” the report said.

Estonian foreign intelligence does not exclude the possible wrong calculation on the part of Russia on the outbound threat, which also is fraught with Estonia severe consequences.

The report emphasizes that over the past five years, the security situation in the world deteriorated. The main threat to Estonia’s it called Russia, whose leadership was “taking aggressive action against the democratic world order”. The authors stressed that the Russian authorities continue to interfere in the internal Affairs of neighboring countries, including affecting the Ukrainian conflict to slow down the integration of Kiev with the European Union.

In November last year, Estonia demanded the return of “Russia annexed territory.” The speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Henn Billwas claimed that Moscow allegedly forcibly annexed about five percent of the territory of Estonia. The Russian foreign Ministry said that today the Tartu Treaty has no legal force.

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