In the United States spoke about the benefits of Chinese radars to the Russian


www.vsyako.netPhoto: CDIC / Reuters

The West is more pay attention to the development of Chinese air defense systems, which in the future will surpass its capabilities Russian, writes columnist Michael peck in the pages of the American magazine The National Interest.

The author quotes the comment of the military expert Justin Bronk, who believes that the predicted advantage of China to Russia in the field of radars due to the advanced electronic industry and a strong economy.

The publication also States that in case of conflict, NATO will have to face with developed systems of air defense of China or Russia, the overcoming of which can take a long time.

In April 2019, the Chinese portal Sina reported that previously destroyed by Israel in Syria radar JY-27 were successfully recovered, which allows to make a conclusion about high maintainability made in China equipment.

In may 2018 Indian Defence Research Wing announced that in January the same year, the radar of the Indian su-30MKI has detected and tracked the Chinese fifth generation fighter Chengdu J-20, flying over Tibet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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