Lost in the mountains, tourists have survived thanks to the mobile app


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home of Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team on Facebook

In Scotland, a group of tourists stranded in the mountains survived thanks to a mobile app. This writes CNN.

The incident occurred near the summit of Ben Nevis in the Grampian mountains. A few travelers are dressed not for the weather, got lost during a snowstorm, strong winds and frost. It is known that at them at itself was not special clothing or climbing gear, ice axes or crampons.

Rescuers were able to calculate the lost with What3words system of geocoding in which any address or point on the map can be transmitted in the form of all three words. “Three of them were in sneakers! They were (….) on the ice-covered cliff, and if they slipped or went down on, the consequences could be much more serious,” — said the participants of the rescue operation.

As a result of incident two tourists were killed, four survived and were taken to a local hospital by helicopter.

On 26 January it was reported that the popular Dating app Tinder was rescued from a tourist trap in the mountains in Norway. She travelled with friends by car. One of these days, when the company was driving on a winding mountain road, started freezing rain.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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