Police thwarted the sale of the stolen collection of awards Vice-Admiral of the Navy


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vadim Zhernov / RIA Novosti

Secret the seller offered the Chairman of the St. Petersburg club of submariners Igor Kurdina redeem for 200 thousand rubles, collection of state awards of the participant of the Soviet-Japanese war, Vice-Admiral of the Navy George Nevolina stolen from his family during the renovation in 2018. This was reported by “Fontanka”.

Anonymous auctioned 26 awards and medals, attaching as evidence of their authenticity pictures award certificates and certificates medals.

February 6 at the time of the transaction, held in St. Petersburg cafe, police arrested the seller. He admitted that stealing is irrelevant, and state awards bought from a Builder who did repairs in the house Nevolina. His identity and whereabouts, the police had already established.

In respect of the Builder criminal case about plunder of the subjects having special value, and the seller of curiosities attracted under article 324 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Acquisition or sale of official documents and state awards”).

State award to the son of Vice-Admiral until he returned, they were physical evidence in criminal cases.

Vice-Admiral George Nevolin began military service in 1945, the crew of the submarine type “stalinets” and participated in the Russo-Japanese war. Then he served in the Pacific and Northern fleet.

11 years commanded the Higher naval school of diving Lenin Komsomol, among the graduates of which 16 Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, commanders of the sunken submarine “Kursk” Gennady Lyachin, and his burning bathyscaphe as-31 Denis Dolinskogo.

Nevolin retired in 1984 at the rank of Vice Admiral. Awarded orders of the red banner, Patriotic war, red Star, two dozen medals, including “For military merit”. He died in 2015 on 94-m to year of life. Buried in Kronstadt.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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