“Radio Liberty” made the list of media-registered as foreign agents


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Michael Pochuev / TASS

The Ministry of justice of Russia has made “Radio Liberty” in the list of media-registered as foreign agents. This was reported on the website of the Department.

“Freedom” became the 11th media entered in the register and the first in 2020. The Ministry of justice indicates that foreign media was included in a list of 11 Feb.

In the list of the Ministry of justice registered as foreign agents in Russia has recognized the following mass media: “Voice of America”, “Idel.Realities”, “The Caucasus.Realities”, “The Crimea.Realities”, “the Tatar-Bashkir service of Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe,” “Siberia.Realities”, “The North.Realities”, “Pictograph” and channel “Real time”.

From February 2020, in Russia came into force a law according to which registered as a foreign agent can be recognized and individuals spreading social media messages-the registered as a foreign agent or participating in their creation. In the previous edition, the list could include a foreign legal entity or other foreign entity. About individuals the law not mentioned.

The European Parliament called on the Russian authorities to repeal the new law, as it contradicts the Russian Constitution and international obligations of Moscow. The first law on the media, the registered as foreign agents was adopted in November 2017. Then the amendments introduced as a response to the demand of the American authorities to register the Russian channel RT America as a foreign agent.

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