Revealed the true extent of global catastrophe



Scientists at the Finnish Museum of natural history has revealed that half a million insect species is on the brink of extinction due to human activities. Their extinction was a global disaster for mankind. About it reported in a press release on

Many researchers believe that the reduction in the number of animals and plants in the last 200 years is the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history for half a billion years. The main factors of biosphere catastrophe include degradation of habitat, contaminants (insecticides) and other invasive species. More than two thousand species of insects form part of the human diet, which also poses a threat to their numbers. Another cause of extinction is climate change.

Insects play an important role in the pollination of plants, nutrient Cycling and pest control. A number of scholars have evaluated these “ecosystem services” at $ 57 billion in the US alone. On a global scale crops requiring pollination, have an economic value not less than 235-577 billion dollars a year. Experts attributed the sharp decline in the number of birds in Europe and the United States with the collapse of insect populations, destroyed by use of pesticides.

It is estimated that the number of insect species is about 5.5 million. However, only the fifth part have been identified and named. 5-10% of all insect species became extinct since the beginning of the industrial era some two hundred years ago.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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