Russia called an obstacle for the “deal of the century”


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The Ambassador of Russia in Israel, Anatoly Viktorov called obstacle to realizing the “deal of the century” to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine, presented at the end of January US President Donald trump. He told this in an interview owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

In his opinion, the negative reaction of Palestine, who saw in the plan, the United States attempted a principled position and interests on the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state, will complicate the “deal of the century”.

Viktorov added that the US plan should not replace the decisions of the UN Security Council, which constitute the basis for a middle East settlement, recognized at the international level. “Deal of the century” is the only American vision of resolving the conflict, said the head of the diplomatic mission.

The Russian Ambassador recalled that Moscow has offered to provide a platform for direct talks between the leaders of Palestine and Israel and efforts to resolve the conflict.

Earlier in February, the United States stated that it “will not run for Palestine and ask for dialogue.” Washington said that Israel has agreed to a settlement in accordance with the peace plan, therefore, the Arab side must respond in kind.

According to the plan of Donald trump, the Palestinian state should slightly increase in size, and its capital located in East Jerusalem. Golan heights to turn away the Jewish state.

In Judea and Samaria on the West Bank of the Jordan river since 1967, was founded by Israeli settlements. The UN Security Council considers these territories occupied, Israel defines them as controversial.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel continues, 1948. The parties claim to ownership and sovereignty over the same territory of the former British mandate of Palestine.

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