Russian Deputy took the photo from “Hitler’s mustache”


www.vsyako.netWilhelm Seidel and Eugene Ushkovite: @evgeniiaushakova821

The Director of libraries of the Chita district of the Zabaikalsky region Evgeny Ushakov has published on his page in Instagram photo, where she “ziguet” next to the Chairman of district Council, Deputy from the “United Russia” Wilhelm Seidel, mimicking the mustache of Adolf Hitler. About it reports “”.

As the newspaper notes, after the social network was a scandal, Ushakova deleted the post, but some users of Instagram have managed to make a screenshot of the publication. The picture shows the Director of libraries raises his hand forward, a gesture that resembles a Nazi salute. In the photo she is shown in an embrace with Seidel, who, with a gesture demonstrates a mustache like Hitler.

The photo is accompanied by comments Ushakova: “Who in the subject, he will understand.” In social networks, the Russians criticized the. “Worthy successors of Hitler and Mussolini? Until the day of Victory was 87 days,” wrote one user.

Seidel declined to comment on the publication, asking journalists to call back in a week. Ushakov in an interview with “” explained the photoshop. “Is photoshop. We have the original, and we prepare documents in court, as we have already found the person which it was published. My grandfather fought at Seidel also relatives fought,” she said.

In her words, Nazism shows right hand and in the picture she is depicted with a raised left at the moment when trying to close the camera, because it does not like to be hugged. “Wilhelm wilghelmovich actually did kiss, he slipped a few fingers,” — said Ushakov.

In December of 2019, it was reported that graduates of the schools specializing in the training of prison Warders, “he siharuli” a group picture. On top of the picture was the inscription “Heil Byrd (Byrd Hail)”, dedicated to the inspector of course. As a result of check it was found that the graduates used this gesture as a sign of respect for the teacher. It was noted that this gesture made them do bird, and graduates agreed for fear of not graduate from the Academy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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