Russian officers fired for drinking on base in Syria


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Served on a submarine of the black sea fleet the captain-Lieutenant Oleg Lavrenchuk was fired from military service for drinking on the basis of the Navy of Russia in the Syrian port of Tartus. About it reports “Kommersant”.

The incident occurred on June 30, 2019, when the officer detained by the military police. During this, the newspaper writes, Lavrenchuk was aggressive and used foul language to the military commandant, the personnel of the military commandant’s office, and the portrait of the Supreme commander of the Armed forces of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Guilty for what happened, Lieutenant acknowledged and repented. He was given a warning, and in August was fired. The reason — “committing a serious disciplinary action.” Lavrenchuk tried to challenge the decision of the Sevastopol garrison military court. During the meetings, he noted that indeed drink, but was doing it due to the fact that he was in a depressed state for a long business trip outside of Russia.

Also the officer reported that he had consumed alcohol during off-duty hours and it did not impact on the combat readiness of units. Nevertheless, the court refused to grant him reinstatement in service.

In conversation with journalists of “Kommersant” the lawyer of Sergey Lavrenchuk Gurin said that before retirement, the officer was left with 2.5 years in the Navy he served for 17.5 years. The lawyer noticed that before the incident his sub was stationed off the coast of Syria four months. Knowing that the trip was extended for another four months, he and other officers drank in the hostel.

“Having six of us, and fired only one. I think it was a willful decision of the commander of the fleet, who decided to punish him exemplary,” said he, adding that the command did not realize that he has a kid and an apartment in the military mortgage, and this offense first for him.

In January it became known about dismissal of the Lieutenant Colonel of the Moscow Department of the FSB of Daniel Kozmina, who is the top scorer of the security services. Kosyrin had to provide information about their income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character for 2018 to 30 April 2019, but failed to do so. Check has found no factors that could interfere with the Colonel in time to present the document. However, he claimed that he could not do, since ill neurological disorder. Despite this, the court found that Kazbin could provide a Declaration of income within the stipulated time frame. As a result, the officer fired “in connection with loss of trust”.

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