Shows how to fit all the necessary things in your hand Luggage


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The anonymous traveler that often flies a plane, found a way to pack all the necessary things in the bag size hand Luggage. Its a life skill she shared in the thread of the post on the website Reddit. In her review drew attention to the publication the Sun.

So, according to the wearer, it ceased to twist and to fold because they crease and don’t fit in the suitcase. Instead, the tourist has invented his own technique.

“I put the first garment on the bed or the floor and then served it the next thing that faces him at an angle of 90 degrees. Then I continue layering clothes in the same way,” explained the girl.

She added that in the end puts on a pile of clothes in the center with underwear and socks, and then fold the corners underneath them things to the center and put them in this form in the suitcase. As said the traveler, this method works precisely because things are stacked perpendicular to each other.

In December 2019, the Russians told what items should not take in order not to overload the Luggage. So, a third of respondents (35 percent) believe that the umbrella is the most unnecessary thing in your suitcase when you travel. Moreover, experienced travelers told me that instead of the umbrella is possible to take a raincoat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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