The cause of high spending Russians


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

The authors of the study, conducted service “Yandex.Cash”, analyzed spending Russians in online stores. The result was the regularity: for big expenses includes the availability of contactless payment. Excerpts from the study leads TASS.

According to the calculations of authors, the most big checks in 2019 was fixed when shopping on sites with construction services and design. Their average value when contactless payment was equal to 9.7 thousand rubles. However, when you pay with card or via Internet Bank the amount was reduced about three times — up to 3,2 thousand rubles.

A similar trend was observed on the hotel reservation: 9,5 thousand roubles on average in contactless payment and five thousand when you need to use other methods. When buying clothes and shoes, the difference reached five times: 5.7 thousand rubles against 1.1 thousand.

Most traffic by using contactless payments have been recorded in the Internet-shops of electronics and household appliances. In Moscow, the leaders of steel services for the sale to the movies, concerts, and other events.

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