The passenger was chewing his own phone on Board the plane and blew off the flight to Iceland


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Passenger easyJet drank too much gin and chewed up a private telephone, with the result that the pilots had to change the route. About the incident, the newspaper writes Independent.

44-year-old Matthew Flaherty (Matthew Flaherty) was to fly from England to Iceland, however, disrupted the flight because of his inappropriate behavior. At first he was cursing at the cabin crew and threatened to kill them, and then began a private phone.

According to flight attendants, they were very scared and worried that the man will hurt them. They watched as he pulled out his mobile and began to disassemble it with his bare hands, cutting himself in the process. Then he put the phone parts in his mouth, and threw the battery on the seat. Battery started to smoke.

The aircraft commander decided to divert the plane to Edinburgh airport. After landing, the police arrested Flaherty and sent it to the local police station.

In court the offender pleaded guilty and, in particular, that threatened the safety of flight. The sentence he will be sentenced in March.

In November 2019, a drunken passenger aircraft got charged with sexual harassment after he touched a strange neighbor in front of her daughter. He began to behave inappropriately shortly after takeoff and the pilot decided to land the plane. As a result, the passengers arrived at the destination with a delay of 2.5 hours.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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