Disclosed is the amount of potential savings from cancellation of the receipts for utility services


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The rejection of paper receipts for housing and communal services will allow Russian families to save on the payment of “communal” to thousands of dollars per year. This opinion “Tape.ru” stated a member of the General Council of the public organization “Business Russia” Vladimir Prokhorov.

The cost of the issuance and delivery of each account for housing and communal services it is estimated to be 16-23 of the ruble. At the same time citizens often receive separate receipts for water, gas, electricity, waste, the expert said. “That is, the month the Russians out-of-pocket spend of the order of 70-90 rubles just to get the bill on paper,” said Prokhorov.

According to him, when removing paper in favor of online services of payment, the amount of potential savings on utility services will account for 800 thousand rubles per year. “The companies-service providers often do not even bear the cost of producing the receipts, they close the budget at the expense of placement of advertising materials — revealed a secret industry Prokhorov. — In 2018, came into force a ban on the publication extraneous information in the receipts, however, the yield was found — now is just put in the envelopes. Formally, the company does not break anything. In fact, it introduces people astray, as responsibility for the quality or legality of advertised services no one is.” The expert believes that such advertising should be completely prohibited.

Earlier in February, the Deputy of the state Duma Boris Chernyshov has offered to give a discount for housing and communal services for the rejection of paper receipts. The MP has forwarded a request to the Ministry of construction. In it, he noted that spending on housing services remains a significant item of expenditure of Russian citizens. Currently, consumers can receive invoices in paper and in electronic form, but the possibility of voluntary refusal paper not provided.

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