Escaped from quarantine coronavirus Russian woman filed a new lawsuit


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Halperin / RIA Novosti

Escaped from quarantine coronavirus in Saint-Petersburg Alla Ilyin again wanted to punish: the chief sanitary doctor of the city for the second time appealed to the Kuybyshevskiy district court after his first application was rejected. This was reported in the Telegram channel in United a press-services of the courts of the city.

Is a new application from the previous one, the report did not specify. Stakeholders in the lawsuit is still listed clinical infectious diseases hospital named after Botkin and 18-th Department of police UMVD of Russia on the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg. It is known that the first application was rejected “due to a lack of jurisdiction”.

About the first case of the chief sanitary physician of Petersburg it became known earlier, on 13 February. Ilina faces a fine of 500 rubles for a “failure to comply within the prescribed period the legal provisions on exercising the state supervision.”

7 Feb Ilyin said “the” that tricked her to spend the night in the infectious diseases hospital named after Botkin, and then left there in quarantine for two weeks. The girl claimed that the results of all the tests she was healthy. 11 February it became known that on the same day Ilyina managed to get out of Boxing. She closed the circuit and broke the lock. The girl added that her four days sought neither the doctors nor the police.

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