Four people a month drifting in the ocean without food after the deaths of eight satellites


www.vsyako.netPhoto: George Gwaimani / Solomon Star

In the Pacific, rescued four people who have wrecked and more than a month drifting in a small boat without food. During this time, killed their eight satellites. About this newspaper the Solomon Star.

22 December 2019 boat, which was 12 people left Bougainville is the largest of the Solomon Islands located East of Papua New Guinea. They were heading for the Atoll Kilinailau 86 kilometers North of Bougainville to celebrate Christmas.

Soon the boat capsized and several people drowned. Moons scoop water from it and continued on his way. When we ran out of food, they ate passing coconut and drank rainwater that collected in the bowl. Several times he passed close to fishing vessels, but did not notice them.

Some of the survivors died, and not waiting for rescue. “One couple died, leaving only their baby — said one of the survivors, a young man named Dominic of Crystals (Dominic Stally). — I held him, but then he died and he.” The bodies had to drop into the sea. Of crystals does not want to remember what happened and not telling details.

For four weeks the boat had covered about two thousand miles and were approaching the island of New Caledonia. By the time alive was only four people from 12: of Crystals, young man about 20 years old and a woman with 12-year-old daughter. On 23 January they were picked up by a fishing vessel.

After a week saved and planted in the capital of the Solomon Islands — Honiara. After a 32-day voyage, all four of them were extremely malnourished and is now undergoing treatment.

In 2018, it was reported that the American sailors rescued fishermen from the Philippines, who a few days drifting in the ocean on a makeshift raft. Their boat sank after a collision with two-metre Marlin. Long, sharp nose fish struck in the bottom two large holes into which the water gushed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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