Frightening story of a student about the dangers of nail biting has attracted millions of people


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A student from the U.S. state of Texas said on the platform TikTok, like biting fingernails almost turned back for her amputation of a finger. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

18-year-old Lauren Nichols (Lauren Nichols) admitted in one of his videos, both because of bad habits biting my nails she caught a dangerous infection — paronychia. “Dear fans to chew nails, I urge you, stop doing it. I almost lost the tip of your finger on the reason,” she began the video. Frightening story quickly went viral and attracted the attention of millions of people.

According to her, January 8, she noticed on the cuticle of the finger green spot, mistaking him for a small bruise. She decided to search the Internet for information about bruise in the periungual region of the cushion and found that she could develop paronychia. The next day she went to the doctor, who prescribed her antibiotics.

10 Jan Nichols realized that the treatment is not helping, as the finger began to fester even more. By 13 January the area of inflammation has increased and is bright red in color. The American again made an appointment to see a doctor. “Then I said need to do surgery. I nearly amputated a finger over the habit of biting the nails,” — she said excited.

At the end of January it was reported that the nail-biting turned to the resident of Scotland infection. Pictures of his inflamed finger shared friend Karen, Pete (Karen Peat). During the surgery, the man lost a nail, which, according to doctors, may never recover.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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