“Garage Amnesty” was offered to start in Russia


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In Russia want to simplify the procedure of registering the rights of citizens to the garages and land on which the garage sites. The corresponding bill submitted to the Russian government, reported on the website of Rosreestr.

The document was developed economic development of Russia jointly with the Federal service for state registration within two years. It provides for a special mechanism on the rights of citizens for land plots, where construction of private garages, and owned by the citizens Parking spaces located in collective garages. Under the bill, the simplified order of registration will be offered to the owners of the garage facilities that were built just before the introduction of the town planning code of the Russian Federation (it entered into force on 30 December 2004).

According to the Rosreestr, being run, “garage Amnesty” will make life easier for 4.5 million car owners whose garages are still not registered. The total number of such objects, according to official figures, about 3.5 million units. “Due to the lack of legal documents citizens years could not draw the objects, and the buildings themselves because of the lack in the law of the definition of “garage” were not considered, so the number actually existing, but not executed in the prescribed order of the objects is much higher”, — explained in the registration office.

According to the norms of the new bill, citizens will be able to draw right on the garages and the land under them, according to the documents confirming a long bona fide use of the facility, payment of the unit in the garage cooperative previously obtained a decision on allocation of a garage, as well as receipts confirming payment of operating costs.

The building at the “garage Amnesty”, the beginning of which is scheduled for 2021, compared with the country, the law on which was adopted in 2006. Initially it was assumed that a simplified procedure of registration of country objects will be valid until 2015. Later the Amnesty was extended until 2018 and then to 2020.

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