In the Kremlin told about the huge respect for Putin to Ukrainians


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Yevgeny Volokin / Reuters

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin with great respect for the Ukrainian people. This was reported by press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, TASS.

According to the representative of the Kremlin, the Russian leader said. “Unfortunately, the reciprocity of the previous heads of state in Ukraine, we have not heard” — said Peskov.

In April 2019, the Russian leader spoke about corporate citizenship with the Ukrainians as citizens of Ukraine and Russia “will benefit”.

Relations between Russia and Ukraine escalated in 2014 after the change of power in Kiev. The Ukrainian side believes that Moscow is responsible for the armed conflict in the South-East of the country, as well as for the referendum in the Crimea, after which the Peninsula became part of Russia. The Kremlin denies all charges.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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