Men were more susceptible to coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Miguel Candela / RIA Novosti

Men were more susceptible to the coronavirus. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to the study and expert opinion.

The national Commission of health of China analyzed the age and sex composition of the first deaths in hospitals in China and found that two-thirds of deaths from the coronavirus that causes men. Russian experts have associated this hypothesis with the fact that men are more likely to smoke therefore their lungs are rapidly growing the virus in SARS. Another version of the genetic predisposition of men to a more severe course of the disease.

Head of infectious disease Department of the University hospital Hi-Clinic PFUR Daniel Konnov said that Chinese men are more of a social activity, so often become infected. According to him, in China men are more likely to communicate and shake hands. He also suggested that the statistics could reflect the fact that fewer women applied for medical aid.

Head of the Department of infectious diseases with courses of epidemiology and Phthisiology Medical Institute of PFUR Galina Kozhevnikova recalled other viral infections, whose victims are more likely to be men. For example, Kaposi’s sarcoma. However, in the case of a new type of coronavirus hypothesis requires a serious scientific basis, she added.

The number of cases from the Chinese coronavirus 13 February, close to 50 thousand. The number of deaths was 1,310. A day in Hubei province was identified 14 840 new cases, hospitals are more than 33 thousand patients discharged 3441 people.

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