Mysterious cluster of man-eating sharks near public beaches has alarmed scientists


www.vsyako.netImage: OCEARCH page in Facebook

Researchers have documented close to the public beaches of the States of North and South Carolina, USA, a mysterious cluster of man-eaters, also known as great white sharks. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Among the sharks that came at the end of January, were seen specimens with length from 2.4 to 4 meters and weighing up to half a ton. According to the maps of movement of sharks, at the moment a large crowd of predators spotted near Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists admit that they are worried about this anomaly.

The researchers suggest that great white sharks could get a comfortable living environment in those areas, including the availability of food and comfortable water temperatures. Representatives of the nonprofit organization Ocearch, which deals with the study of the ocean and its inhabitants, asked the question on Facebook. “What do you think caused the accumulation of white sharks in these areas?” — they wrote, attaching to post a map with the location of the sharks.

Staff Ocearch since 2012 catch of white sharks, install the tracking devices and released into the wild. Thus, experts are studying their behavior and learn about the movements.

In December of last year it became known that in the coastal waters of the canadian Western Ironbound island, Nova Scotia, researchers from Ocearch have caught a great white shark with a length of 3.7 meters. The team decided to name the male after the island near which it was caught, Ironbound.

The great white shark or man-eater, is one of the largest predatory fish in the world. The average members of this species grow to 4.6-4.8 meters in length. Considered the most hazardous to human species.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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