Named the main problem of the camera of Samsung Galaxy S20


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jeff Chiu / AP

Journalists SamMobile called the main disadvantage of camera flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20. In their opinion, the main problem is the restriction on shooting.

According to tests edition, shooting video at a resolution of 8K is limited to the smartphones of the Galaxy series S20 to five minutes. After this time, the system stops recording below, according to journalists, to reduce the load on the processor. Another significant disadvantage is the large size of the rollers, one minute recorded in 8K resolution video takes up about 600 megabytes of memory.

The storage capacity of each device is limited to 128 GB, but the built-in memory can be expanded with cards format microSD capacity up to one terabyte. Factory restrictions do not apply to shooting 4K video clips or lower-resolution.

According to SamMobile, despite the obvious shortcomings, the quality of shot 8K-rollers is such that from the resulting video, you can extract pictures a resolution of 33 megapixels.

Presented on February 11, the range of smartphones Samsung had the opportunity of shooting 8K video. Camera Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is the oldest camera in the lineup, also has a built-in factor of the zoom. The cost of the basic flagship Galaxy S20 amounted to 70 thousand rubles, the machine S20 Ultra Galaxy is estimated at 100 thousand rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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