Prince Harry relaxed after moving to Canada


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Prince Harry is not going through because of the move to Canada, and the rejection of Royal authority. As reports Us Weekly, citing an anonymous source close to the Royal family, the Duke of Sussex “has become so much happier and relaxed.”

According to the source, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle was important to get away from journalists by the British press that the pair was accused of unscrupulous light of their lives. The son of Prince Charles wanted to protect them from undue attention to a spouse and nine-month-old son Archie Harrison and achieved it.

The journalists argue that Meghan Markle happy that now lives far away from other members of the Royal family.

Prince Harry left the UK on Monday, January 20, and arrived to my wife and son in the canadian city of Vancouver.

January 8, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the refusal from the Royal privileges, and expressed the desire to cease to perform the duties of senior members of the Royal family. They expressed their intention to become financially independent in the near future.

On 18 January it was decided that the spring of this year Prince Harry and Megan Markle will cease to perform Royal duties on a permanent basis and will lose His titles and Her Royal Highness.

The failure of the spouses from the Royal authority called a disaster for the Royal family. The scandal has hit the reputation of the British monarchy. In addition, now the other senior members of the Royal family will have to attend more events.

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