Russian scientists have studied the myths of indigenous peoples of Yamal and Yugra



Scientists of the Tobolsk pedagogical Institute named after Mendeleyev made expeditionary trips to the Yamal and Ugra to preserve the unique folklore of small peoples of West Siberia, the press service of the Tyumen state University.

The indigenous languages of Western Siberia are Mansi, Khanty, Nenets, Selkup, language of the Siberian Tatars and others. “The peculiarity of the modern language the situation is that peoples who speak related and unrelated languages, are constantly in contact, which can not affect the change of language situation”, — says the publication.

“For the reconstruction and preservation of the linguistic and cultural heritage” was collected linguistic materials in the settlements, including remote, in the two regions. The obtained data allowed the researchers to conclude that every nation has its own unique rituals and mythology, but their centuries-old neighborhood led to an exchange of certain symbols and traditions. This is clearly seen in the myths and legends of most local peoples have much in common. When this did not happen “total assimilation and leveling characteristics of the original cultures.”

The Enets people in Taimyr was going to do the first primer in their own language. The Enets are the only peoples in the Arctic, which has no written form.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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