Seven year old boy looking for treasures and found lost 40 years ago ring


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The child dived to the hot springs in the U.S. state of Idaho and found the lost 40 years ago wedding ring with diamond. About it reports UPI.

Seven year old boy named Theo was resting with his mother Rebecca bloom (Rebecca Bloom) geothermal sources Trinity. He was diving and looking for treasures on the bottom of the pond. Suddenly, the child saw a round silver object and held it up to the surface. It turned out that it was a diamond ring.

The staff of the resort published in Facebook the news about the discovery. They reported that in recent years, no one reported the loss of jewelry. On the publication responded sherry McClure Lowery (Sherrie McClure Lowery). The woman reported that he had lost his wedding ring in a hot spring in the late 1970s. It had a picture of the decorations, and the staff of Trinity confirmed that Theo found the same ring.

As a reward for the discovery guide Trinity gave the boy and his mom an annual subscription to visit the sources.

Earlier it was reported that an American resident of the city of Roanoke, Virginia, in 2005 lost the ring in the hotel, where he stayed with his basketball team. After 14 years he was in the shop a resident of another city.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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