Staged a tantrum in the taxi she has complained of threats


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The passenger of the Moscow taxi Jana Dankova, who arranged the driver tantrum for refusing to take her, told about the threats in his address. The girl said that will no longer use a taxi. She wrote about this in his Instagram account.

According to Jankovoy, she and her friends “cut the phone” and write requests to comment. In addition, she began to receive threats. “Write to me, I will find and I will get to justice,” said Dankova. She stressed that “what is happening now — it’s all a nightmare”, and because of the video, she “went to hell”.

“We’ve been trying to leave, almost left on the Mozhaisk highway, the phone began to warn that he started the trip… I realized that something goes wrong. Explained what was happening, the driver started to be rude. (…) He threatened to drop me right on the Mozhaisk highway. (…) My words that we are on the highway, I can’t stop, I won’t be able to call a taxi and even a ride to catch, he didn’t care. Spoke terribly,” he described the girl of his trip, adding that the taxi driver has switched on the camera at the right moment and smiled.

Dankov said that he regrets about his behavior. “I’m already late for work, fear of losing one on the highway I just crushed”, she explained.

In conclusion, Dankov drew attention to the fact that, typically, troubles happen from the taxi drivers and passengers. According to her, among her friends, there are those who “just drove around in circles in the worst case molested”. But the passengers are usually silent about this and decide such issues through technical support of taxi services.

Earlier, the driver who took the hysterical girl in the video explained her behavior. First, she allegedly began to complain and say that the driver “could turn around and start the ride earlier.” After that, the girl was indignant that the taxi driver pressed the button “In transit”. Some operators of taxis, if the driver presses this button, the trip starts with the client’s account is charged for the pending landing.

12 February it was reported that the girl’s hysterical beat the taxi driver punched and insulted him due to his refusal to take her. The girl shouted at the driver and demanded: “Take me! Take me, scum! I have tables”. In addition, she tried to threaten the driver. That, in turn, quietly replied the passenger, that won’t take her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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