Survived captivity and poisonous injection, the Russians sued her captor


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Involved in the supply of yacht, the St. Petersburg businessman Mikhail Fartushny sued the organizer of his abduction and the former business partner of George Yaremchuk 500 thousand rubles. About it writes “Fontanka”.

According to the newspaper, the victim said the claim on 4 million roubles as compensation of moral harm for three days of captivity, during which he allegedly injected a toxic substance, however, the court satisfied the requirements to only 500 thousand rubles. This amount the bailiffs transferred into the account from Bank deposits convicted of kidnapping Yaremchuk. Part of the money recovered from him at the expense of pensions and salaries in the colony.

Fartushny was abducted on the evening of 4 October 2015 in St. Petersburg. Unknown, who introduced themselves as FSB, put a bag over her head and was taken to a private house in the village of Sinyavino. There, the kidnappers demanded from the businessman of five million rubles in the form of donations of medicines for humanitarian convoy to Donetsk and Lugansk Republic. To reinforce their demands, the criminals did Fartushny injection, warning that if within two weeks to introduce the antidote to begin a slow death of internal organs.

The frightened hostage began to ring up friends and relatives to collect the required amount, but he managed to find only 100 thousand euros. Meanwhile, close Fartushny reported the abduction to the police and three days later he was released from captivity.

It turned out that organized crime partner businessman Yaremchuk, who had financial difficulties. He was attracted to the kidnapping of four accomplices, among whom were contract servicemen of the Military medical Academy. The investigators found that they cut Fartushny novocaine, giving his poison.

In July 2017, St. Petersburg garrison military court sentenced the kidnappers to terms ranging from 2.5 to 10 years of imprisonment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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