The best Russian biathlete, spoke about causeless pain


www.vsyako.netAlexander Loginov Photo: Denis Kostyuchenko / RIA Novosti

Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov has told that in the fall of 2019 began to experience unexplained pain in the back and elbow. The word athlete leads

According to Loginova, health problems, he started in November, and they had no prerequisites, drops, shocks, Overdrive. “Due to injuries part of the last preparation before the season, not that fell, but blurred — injury affected the result,” — said biathlete.

Loginov claims to be able to fully recover, only if you exclude the load, which is impossible in the middle of the season. Now the athlete introduces limitations in the training process, in particular he started with one stick. Alexander stressed that dissatisfied with the results seen, but now not looking in the overall world Cup standings. “It’s more important to find a form, to find the condition in which you can fight and show the speed higher than it is now my,” — said biathlete.

Logins at the moment — the best biathletes of the Russian team in the overall standings of the world Cup, he ranks sixth. Leader Martin Fourcade of France. At the same time last season, Alexander was second, and the winner of the Big crystal globe was Norwegian Johannes boe.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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