The cost of the referendum on the Constitution compared with the presidential elections


www.vsyako.netElla Panfilovets: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti

The Chairman of the Central election Commission (CEC) Ella Pamfilova called the opportunity cost of voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia, “Vedomosti”.

According to her, the budget of the national vote can be comparable with the cost of presidential elections. Then, the campaign has cost more than 14 billion rubles. “Although it is understood that nationwide elections will be held in the shortened form,” she said. However, there is a need to convey to voters the volume content of the amendments by all available means, said Pamfilova.

In addition, the ballot will include all amendments. In this regard, the Chairman of the CEC proposed to use a mobile app or other means to inform the Russians about the planned amendments.

She also proposed not to regulate agitation. “Otherwise, we get tied up in bureaucratic procedures,” she added, saying that the final decision on this issue will be taken by the legislator.

Pamfilova expressed the opinion that the most optimally to hold a vote in April. “On the one hand, this allows time to prepare for it, and with another — not to delay implementation,” she said. This is also related to the fact that in September the day a single vote. In this connection it is necessary to make a pause between two different campaigns.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin proposed to hold a vote on the amendments to the Constitution on a weekday, which is output. However, he noted that the output must not be declared due to the holidays — may the new year.

During the address to the Federal Assembly January 15, Putin spoke about possible changes in the Constitution. According to him, the amendments that he has proposed, “just dictated life.” He noted that all the initiatives will be put to a nationwide vote.

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