A new cause of cancer


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A large number (ten or more) sexual partners in a person’s lifetime increases the risk of cancer. To such conclusion the international group of scientists from Britain, Canada, Italy, Austria and Turkey. On a new potential cause of cancer according to a press release MedicalXpress.

The researchers analyzed data on 5722 persons who during the survey indicated the number of sexual partners. Volunteers also assessed their own health and reported any long-term condition or ailment, which in any way affect routine activities. Other information included age, ethnicity, marital status, family income, lifestyle (Smoking, drinking alcohol, physical activity) and the presence of symptoms of depression.

The average age of participants was 64 years, and three out of four were married. Approximately 28.5 percent of men said that they had 0-1 sexual partners; 29% said that they had 2-4; one in five (20 percent) reported 5-9 partners; and 22 percent had ten or more. For women, these figures were slightly less than 41 percent, 35.5 percent, slightly less than 16 percent and less than 8 per cent, respectively.

When all the data were analyzed, the researchers found a statistically significant relationship between the number of sexual partners during lifetime and the risk of cancer in both sexes. Ten or more partners are associated with higher probability of disease at 69-91 percent. The cause can be infection transmitted sexually and affect the development of certain types of cancer and hepatitis.

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