A prisoner escaped from the prison through the ceiling lamp and got through the day


www.vsyako.netGregory Keith Wittfoth: Haralson County Sheriff’s Office

In the U.S. state of Georgia inmate prison escaped through a ceiling lamp. According to the publication New York Post, he got through the day.

34-year-old Gregory Keith Wyatt (Gregory Keith Wyatt) June 2019 was serving a sentence in County jail Haralson on charges of careless driving and hiding from the crime scene.

On Monday evening, February 10, Wyatt climbed through the hole in the false ceiling under the lamp, went through the cavity of the pipe in the wall and found a way out of prison. Once free, the fugitive went to his hometown of Talladega, Alabama. In this state he was wanted on another charge — possession of class a drugs.

On Tuesday evening, February 11, after a short stay at home Wyatt was arrested again.

Earlier it was reported that in the German town of Vechta, lower Saxony, high school students climbed the walls of the prison for young offenders to reconcile with a former girlfriend. To avoid catching it on the barbed wire, 18-year-old young man made almost all my clothes, then climbed onto a lamppost and moved to the other side of the four-meter prison fence, and then managed to climb the wall and reach the window of the camera, where he was beloved.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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