Called 12 steps to settle the situation in Ukraine


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The organizers of the Munich conference issued a plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine, reports the edition “NV”.

The document is called “Twelve steps to more security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic region”. Among the authors — former Minister of defence of Britain des brown, former foreign Minister of Russia Igor Ivanov, Chairman of the Munich security conference, Wolfgang Ischinger. The document was signed by more than 40 experts in international security.

“Munich” plan includes the restoration of the Joint center for control coordination (JCCC), the creation of the negotiating group between the military departments of the “channel four” (Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France), increasing the capacity and security at the demarcation line. As humanitarian measures proposed search missing in the Donbas, and clearance.

Steps in the economic sphere — economic restoration of Donbass, the creation of a free trade zone in the region with the EU and with Russia, the adoption of the “road map” for the anti-sanctions (during the “Munich” plan and the Minsk agreements Moscow can count on the easing of sanctions), removal of radioactive threats.

As political measures to resolve the situation named a new dialogue between Euro-Atlantic States on mutual security, support and definition of “areas of cooperation” between the EU and Russia, and launch “a new dialogue on national identity” in Ukraine. In the last paragraph we are talking about dialogue with the participation of opinion leaders, scientists and experts recognized at the international level. It needs to touch upon the history, language, identity, and tolerance. The authors of the document call for cooperation of Ukraine with neighboring countries in this matter.

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