Employees of a jewelry store caught an armed robber and the robbed booty


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Unemployed resident of Hong Kong with a pneumatic gun stormed into a jewelry store and tried to escape with jewelry a million Hong Kong dollars, but was caught by employees of the shop. It is reported portal Asia One.

Thursday, February 13, a masked man entered a jewelry store in Hong Kong district Vonkoch. In the eyes of two employees of the gunman poured on the cashier of the solvent and pulled a gun. He announced that he is a robbery, and handed the store employee a nylon bag, which demanded to lay down their decorations. All the robbery lasted two minutes.

Confused the employees of the shop watched as the robber quickly put the gold in the bag and ran out of the store. Soon the sellers have recovered from the shock and set off in pursuit. The three of them caught up with the suspect, a fight ensued. The events were seen by a policeman, who was off-duty. He joined the fight before arrival on the scene of colleagues. The robber was bitten by one of the employees of the store during the struggle, the victim was taken to the hospital.

Store employees took the attacker with a bag of loot. It was 188 jewelry worth more than million HK dollars (8.1 million). Also in the bag were an air gun, which the man threatened to sellers.

The suspect was 52-year-old unemployed. Police believe that he acted alone, but will conduct further investigation to find out if he had accomplices.

Earlier it was reported that the owner of a jewelry store in the U.S. city of sandy springs, Georgia, fought off armed robbers banks with a pickles. One of the attackers shop owner was able to detain until the police arrive, three more of the robbers tried to escape from law enforcement officials, but had an accident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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