Issued to Russian benefits for a disabled child decided to take it back


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In the Tver region, the Pension Fund decided to take back 59 thousand, which was paid to the local resident Irina Larionova as maintenance allowances daughters with disabilities for eleven months. This is stated in the Kashinsky Interdistrict court decision published on the website of the court.

In may 2018 Larionov went to the Pension Fund. She asked me to give her a monthly payment to care for a child with a disability, specifying that does not work and receives unemployment benefits. She agreed to pay 5.5 million rubles.

Later, in 2019, verification of the Pension Fund showed that at the time of treatment, the woman worked as a nurse in the all-Russian public organization of persons with disabilities. It is noteworthy that Larionov was employed in the organization from April to June 2018. Despite this, the Pension Fund considered “unjustified enrichment” the whole eleven-pay period, because at the time of filing an application for additional payment Larionov “concealed the fact of his employment”.

Thus, the court decided to recover from Larionova “overpayment” in the amount of 59 435 rubles. The money she received from may 7, 2018 to 31 March 2019. Larionov did not recognize the claim.

Earlier in Rostov-on-don, 9-year-old boy who lost one eye and has to wear a prosthesis, was denied disability and welfare. The boy removed the eyes in a year and a half. He was diagnosed with cancer of the retina, after surgery, she entered remission. Disability removed just based on the fact that the disease has receded. The lawyer drew attention to the group of disability is assigned to those who have lost their hands or feet, not eyes. In his opinion, a denial of disability can be motivated by the lack of quotas.

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